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Why Following Spring / Summer 2018 Makeup Trends Will Be Easy

I'm going to be completely honest... #Instagrammakeup... I can't deny the beauty of it all but what a relief the last two years has given me as a fresh face has slowly made it's return to my Insta-feed. A relief because the last few years filled with the perfectly sculpted cheeks and nose, winged liner paired with 25 eye shadow colors, and a bold choice of a colored matte lip left me feeling insecure, incompetent, and overwhelmed.


because ironically, I feel less sexy when I have it loaded on. Oddly enough, I don't enjoy wearing much makeup so I rebelled and stuck to what I know while adding a slight tweak here and there.


because I felt off trend. It seemed as if people did not take me as the Certified Makeup Artist I am just because I wore my makeup in a slightly more modest way.


because I felt the need to start doing my makeup more extreme at times which required me to spend 45 minutes to an hour on my face. I AIN'T GOT TIME FOR THAT!

Now it's 2018 and we all can sigh in relief.

2018 is the year you can literally wear a tinted moisturizer, brow gel, and a lip gloss and feel radiant, confident, and free. Your skin is going to breathe a bit. Your eyes are going to feel lighter. Your lips are going to feel moisturized. And let's be honest, you can finally blame traffic for running late without lying about the 500 failed attempts of winged liner.

These are the trends of 2018 which are runway, Instagram and the everyday woman approved.

1. Plain Jane

What can possibly display more confidence than a woman rocking a fresh face? The runways were filled with models looking FIERCE as they waltzed down with a hint of color on the apples of their cheeks mimicking their natural flush, a lip balm soaked into their lips, their lashes curled with a light coat of mascara, and eyebrows combed up and out catching all the attention. It's the easiest look to pull off and looks great on everyone because you are showing off YOU! Don't feel like you need to stick to a t-shirt and jeans with this either, be daring and collect jaw-drops while wearing this look with a bomb outfit.


2. Pop Of Color

Turquoise. Olive. Coral. Clover. Intimidating color selections? Gold. Peach. Navy. Rust. Whether you're a color person or not, there is no need to fear! A dose of color on the eyes will give your radiant glowing skin a desirable twist. Apply one of these colors on your lids using a brush or finger. Opaque, sheer, or smokey... you decide. No rules with this trend, ladies.


3. Metallics and Glitter

Need more excitement but aren't a fan of color? Add some interest by adding a hint of sparkle at the inner corners of your eyes or sheer it out all over your lid. Define your lash line with a metallic liner. Glue a single rhinestone on the outer corner of your eyes. This trend may be frightening to some but when coupled with a bare face, it is always CHIC.


4. Bold Black Liner

It is time to give your trusty gel liner a break and dig that black kohl pencil out from the bottom of your makeup bag. Line your upper and bottom lash lines complete with a mini-wing to add some drama. Give your lower lash line all the attention. Line the top and smudge it just enough to give it that lived in look. Embrace that nostalgia and be bold.


5. Glossy Lips

Lip gloss is back! Although a simple lip balm or an unintentional bold lip color smudged with your finger can do just the trick, why not seal in the look with a glossy lip? Place a clear or colored gloss in your purse for when you feel like plumping it up, the simple way.


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