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Makeup Artist / Bride Obstacle: Is Your Natural Glam Look "Too Much" in Person and in Photos?

We typically attract brides who wear little to no makeup in their daily lives. They tend to gravitate toward fresh looks that are skin focused. The one obstacle we tend to run into together is how they look in person vs in the photos.

Usually they’re in awe at the reveal but begin to wonder if it’s “too much”.  Our goal is to create and tweak until every bride feels their very best, but sometimes you just have to trust us - it’s not “too much!”

Does natural glam look "too much" in person and in photos? Probably not!

Here's why:

  1. Photography tones down colors and detail. A professional artist will be sure to give you that flawless finish fit for photography.

  2. A natural makeup application varies from person to person in terms of the amount of product. Some can get away with simply spot concealing and others may require more to achieve that perfected complexion this style of makeup portrays.

  3. Longevity! You’re hiring a professional to give you a look to remember - don’t you want to remember how great it looked in those first look photos as well as those from your send off?

  4. This is your special day, not Sunday brunch so we’re going to amp it up! All eyes are on you and we will make sure it’s not because it’s too much!

This beautiful bride’s preview also doubled as her rehearsal dinner makeup. She prefaced our session by letting me know she didn’t typically wear foundation or much makeup at all and wanted as natural of a finish as possible. We did just that and when she saw herself, she thought it was a bit” too much”. Despite having my lights, there were shadows in the area this took place so I asked to take her picture in natural light and BOOM - her mind shifted and she immediately fell in love with her look!

Point #1 CHECK

Her nerves were calmed and mine were too - just scroll to see that smile at the end of her wedding night!

Bride with natural fresh faced makeup for rehearsal dinner and bridal preview in Knoxville, TN
Bride with finished natural glam makeup on her wedding day morning in her "getting ready" pajamas

bride in White Lace and Promises wedding dress with bouquet, soft glam makeup and half up do hairstyle with soft curls after wedding ceremony in Knoxville
excited bride and groom leaving wedding reception in Nike sweatsuits with soft glam makeup and half updo hairstyle on wedding night

Associate Photographer - @alainarenephoto Assistant Photographer - @acgoodmanphoto

Hair - Wedding Dress - @whitelaceandpromises

Ceremony - @GraystonePresbyterianChurch

Reception - @utconferences


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