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She's Talking About Beautycounter Again?

Updated: Jan 31, 2019

Geez. I know, I tend to mention Beautycounter a lot. Here is why... About 3 years ago, my friend... and now mentor... introduced me to Beautycounter. To be honest, I was initially turned off because the idea of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) intimidates me. I don't like feeling pressured and have an intense fear of making others feel uncomfortable so I automatically started figuring out how I was going to tell her "NO!". I soon found out, Beautycounter is NOT an MLM company. Instead, I learned they use direct sales. Simply put, instead of using a boutique inside of a Sephora or Macy's, they use people like you and me, which is actually genius. This means that consultants earn a commission off of their sales without having to build a "tribe" in order to prevail... Although, you can do that if you'd like. Knowing this, my intimidation still got the best of me. I had worked for MAC Cosmetics and at salons where I've had the responsibility of product sales... for me, sales within the beauty industry were a no-brainer. It was the idea of having to do the reaching out; people coming to me was so much more comforting. Flash forward two years later... I had tried plenty of Beautycounter products. I had added most of them to my personal beauty routine and/or to my professional kit. They worked and worked well. I learned more about the brand and was moved by their mission. My love for Beautycounter initially started because of their relationships with other brands I had already trusted such as Target, Goop, and J.Crew. It grew stronger when I started noticing celebs wearing the makeup on the red carpet like Connie Britton and Mandy Moore. It was solidified when makeup artists I had looked up to began using their products and talking about them without any endorsements like Jamie Greenberg and Vincent Oquendo. I joined. I failed. Horribly. Ya'll, I started a separate Instagram, a Facebook page, I even wrote about it in this blog... my only customer was my mom. I love my mom. Though it's direct sales, like any business, numbers matter and I did not meet my sales goal for 6 months. Why? Well, because again, the intimidation got the best of me. I didn't let people know until after I failed. It's funny, I literally talked about it more AFTER I was no longer a consultant. Ohhhhh... Rachel. It's been just over 7 months since then and because I realized I was talking about it so much, I decided to join again. If I fail again, okay. BUT, if not, here's why... Ya'll... I am a makeup artist. I don't think Beautycounter is the answer for everyone. I believe in treating your body with the cleanest products possible but I also know that sometimes, you just can't let go of staple products that have been in your makeup bag for years. I am not here to lead you in any direction that will only benefit me. I am here to give you the real deal... and the best-selling Nourishing Cream Cleanser is great for... apparently everyone... but not for me. Feel free to personally email me at or message me on my IG - @rlvbeauty for any questions you might have regarding Beautycounter or anything beauty related. To shop Beautycounter and help a girl out... click this link.

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