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Difference between bridal trials and bridal previews

Bride on wedding day in getting ready robe after hair and makeup is complete. Bride first look.

Bridal Previews vs Bridal Trials -

Are they the same? Short answer - kind of! Read on to discover the difference between bridal trials and bridal previews.

What makes them the same?

We will discuss your likes, dislikes and inspo photos in full detail. We will discuss your everyday skincare and makeup routines which will help me curate a plan to prep you for your wedding day and give me strong indications of what you may or may not like

Bride at bridal preview or bridal trial with completed soft glam wedding day hair and makeup.

on a larger scale. If you're getting hair, we will also discuss your hair care and prep routines to ensure your strongest, healthiest hair for your wedding day. And lastly, we will put everything what we discuss into motion and see your hair and makeup look come together!

How do they differ?

Bridal trials are typically scheduled BEFORE you lock in your date - ideally within the first two weeks of our initial interaction. On an older Instagram post, I compare trials to trying on a new trending pair of jeans. You know you like the look of them on others but do they look great on you and fit your vibe - will you need to change brands, sizes or resort to a whole different style completely... in other words, you're trying me out!

Bridal previews are usually packaged for my booked brides and occur within 60 days of the wedding date. By this point, you are confident in what you want and how I will deliver it. We may still make tweaks but it might be the color of those jeans rather than deciding on a other brand and style.

Both are offered and highly recommended services! Most brides seem to skip the trial and jump straight into the preview but my goal is to ultimately make you feel great in your own skin before you walk down that aisle!

Here's a bride who opted for a packaged bridal preview and booked by seeing a recommendation on Facebook. She loved the look we created at her preview but opted for a lighter coverage on her wedding day.

To see her transformation in action, check out this reel!

Bride reayd for first look in mirror of finished soft glam makeup and half updo hair in wedding dress

bridal portrait outdoors with white flowers, wedding dress and veil

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