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Three Ways to Achieve Lasting Wedding Day Hair

Bride getting hair clip-in extensions put in by Knoxville bridal hairstylist, Rachel Leigh Vogel of RLVbeauty

The most common request I receive when I get dinged with an inquiry for any wedding or special event hairstyling is - CAN YOU MAKE MY HAIR LAST?

... followed by ...


The reason why your hair probably didn't last at Becky's outdoor wedding five years ago in the middle of July is because you more than likely didn't receive proper hair prep which believe it or not, doesn't always fall on the stylist who created your style.

When booking hair services, most stylists will request you arrive to your hair appointment with freshly washed, 100% dry hair - preferably blow dried smooth to ensure the cuticle is laid down as best possible - and with a styling cream or oil used prior to drying. A light volumizing mousse or spray at the root is a good choice as well!

Can I complain and say that more times than not, this isn't followed through. I know, I know - your mom told you to show up to your hair appointment for prom with dirty hair because dirty "hair is better" BUT you mom has outdated info. When you hire on your stylist, please trust us when we say clean hair is the best hair.

Why? Some styles need more grit than others and so when you show up with clean hair, we have more control of the grit needed for your hairstyle and for your hair texture. Dirty hair can result in limp curls and flat hair.

So how can you and your stylist team together to create wedding day or special event perfection?

These three steps will ensure lasting wedding day hair perfection:

  1. Hair Prep As mentioned above, follow your stylist's instruction ALWAYS. I request my clients arrive with hair that was washed either the night before or morning of; blow dried as smooth as possible using a lightweight styling lotion or oil; a light volume spray or mousse at the root; and no kinks from any messy bun or ponytail elastic. Products I highly recommend depending on hair texture are as follows: Volume - Color Wow Raise the Root R+Co Rodeo Star Thickening Foam Frizz Control / Weather Protection / Longevity - Color Wow Dreamcoat Kenra Professional Blowout Lotion Living Proof No Frizz Smooth Styling Cream Moroccanoil Treatment Light

  2. Extensions No matter if you are looking to rock a sleek updo or a soft modern take on the Hollywood glam waves, extensions might just be your best friend. They can add to almost every style and also encourage lasting curls and volume. I have only encountered a handful of brides who were able to get their dream results without the use of extensions and every other bride has had to opt for them AND they did not regret it! There are many options which really come down to your choice of hairstyle and/or lifestyle. You can opt to go for clip-in or halo extensions that can be used as often as you'd like or go for the semi-permanent route and get tape-ins, sew-ins, beaded, and/or fusion. Here are couple options for clip-ins and halo no matter your budget: Bellami Goo Goo And if you're interested in tape-ins or sew-ins, let's chat! Consultations are free and we can see if this would be good fit for you!

  3. A Stylist Who Understands More Than the Basics I think many underestimate education and believe an online tutorial will provide all the tips and tricks. A tutorial may give a little insight on technique for one but not for all. Everyone's hair texture, density and integrity is different and the lack of one's understanding of this can potentially cause serious damage to your hair. A curl is not just a curl and hairspray is not always what holds the style. It's important to seek out a professional stylist who has put the time, money and care into education so your hair not only looks great for a few pictures but also for the days and weeks and months and years to come! There is a science behind the products we are using to provide that longevity you desire and even a science behind the hot tools we use, the length of time the heat touches the hair and even the way we push that hair pin into the style. Education is important and should not be overlooked while choosing your trusted stylist for your special day.

There you have it folks, three ways to achieve lasting wedding day hair! To recap - clean hair is best, extensions might serve you well and always choose a professional when it comes to your hair.

bride getting ready for her wedding day at Dancing Bear Lodge in Townsend, TN

Bride with finished half updo and makeup for wedding day by bridal hair and makeup artist of Knoxville, TN Rachel Leigh Vogel with RLVbeauty


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