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Shaving Face

Real Talk: Women... we get facial hair just like our husbands, boyfriends, brothers and fathers. Some of you embrace the facial fur while others turn to bleach kits, waxing, sugaring or threading. Others resort to Dermaplaning which is a service where a licensed Aesthetician uses a blade to scrape away dead skin and fine facial hair. This painless treatment leaves the skin looking radiant and smooth. Schedules and/or financial obligations can make the luxury of these services unattainable. A quick and easy way to free your face of that peach fuzz... and I promise you won't be growing a beard by 5 o'clock... is to



  • Ingrown Hairs

  • Stubble

  • Razor Burn

To ease your fears, I want to address the drawbacks first. Though I have never ran into this issue, it would be naive to believe ingrown hairs and razor burn are completely avoidable. You can help prevent this issue by selecting a razor designed for your face or by using one that is for sensitive skin. I prefer to use Venus Sensitive Disposable Razors. It's important you use this razor ONLY for your face; every other body part you choose to shave should be done using a separate razor. I use my facial razor 3-4 times before exchanging it for a fresh one. Though, facial hair is fine and can probably withstand a couple more uses, you'll get a cleaner result with a sharper blade and avoid spreading any bacterial growth. Damp, dark areas are the perfect breeding ground for bacteria so store your razor with the blade face up on a clean, dry surface.

Now that you have the correct razor, it is important to take your time shaving. Be gentle with your technique, this is your face after all. Avoid using drugstore shaving creams if possible, most of these have loads of alcohol in them which can roughen up your skin and give you an undesirable result. I use a light facial cleanser free of exfoliates with warm water to open up my pores. I have found my skin feels softer when I shave with the direction of hair growth versus against as you would on your legs. Around the sideburns and jaw line areas, I tend to use downward diagonal strokes moving toward my chin. Once I rinse, I allow my skin to soak up the water before applying my daily moisturizer.

Like previously mentioned, your hair WILL NOT grow back thicker, darker, or more frequently. It may appear that way the day or two following but that is just stubble. The reason for the coarse feel is due to the hair growing straight out of the follicle. Your hair will return to it's fine texture in no time. Depending on your preference, you shouldn't have to shave more than once a week. I usually shave once every two weeks.


  • Exfoliates skin

  • Softens scars

  • Smooths makeup application

  • Anti-aging

  • Brightens hyperpigmentation

The benefits sell themselves. Who doesn't want even-toned skin smooth to the touch? Just like Dermaplaning, the razor blade is able to scrap off any dead skin causing pores to open up freeing any congestion. It exfoliates better than any facial mask and if anything, will give you better results the next time you sit stone-faced for 15 minutes.

You might be wondering how a simple exfoliation can be anti-aging... When the blade glides along the epidermis, your body dives into healing mode. This action promotes collagen production which can diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles as well as treat scars and hyperpigmentation.

Have you ever applied foundation and realized you need more coverage so you apply a bit more and then notice those little hairs that cover your face now appear darker and more noticeable? Freeing your face of the hair will do you no harm- Your facial hair isn't to help fight against pollution, they're there to: help regulate body temperature and add to the sensory of your skin. You will find that a shaven face will reward you with a smoother makeup application allowing the creams and powders to blend seamlessly into your skin. You'll also benefit more from your skincare regime because your skin's pores will be able to drink all the moisture you give it.

Convinced yet? Leave me some comments and let me know if you have any questions, concerns or want to thank me for opening a new door to softer, youthful skin!

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