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Part 1- How To: Achieve Glowing Skin

Scrolling through my Instagram feed used to leave me feeling so envious of every Kardashian's glowing skin. The "No Makeup" makeup look has been all the rage. Contouring has taken a backseat while highlighting has literally stepped out to shine.

Though I am a Certified Makeup Artist, finding the perfect highlighter for myself and my clients took quite some time. I found most to be too cake-y and fake...y. The last four years I have been in search of the perfect recipe of a highlighter and then I realized, it's more of how it is applied rather than the actual product itself. Skilled and trained or NOT, you can do this too.

Part 1

Skin, in my opinion, should always look healthy, plump, and real. You can load up the highlighter all you want but you'll never achieve the results you are looking for unless you prep that skin.

Skincare is so important and if you have not invested in finding yourself the perfect routine as of now, you should certainly jump on that train. It's never too late. A good skincare regime can work wonders at any age if you stick with it. However, if you're lazy, do the very least and take your makeup off BEFORE you hit that pillow at night because that can lead to a list of obstacles preventing you from achieving the very point of this blog post.

Assuming you are free of yesterday's makeup...

Step 1: Cleanse.

A genuinely good cleanser doesn't need to be anything crazy expensive but you should find a cleanser that is designed for your skin type. If you want to be your skin's very best friend, you should find a gentle cleanser for the morning and a tougher one to use at night. Your face accumulates dirt and oil throughout the day which is why it's important to use a cleanser that can combat those factors at night. For this step, if you have two, opt for the gentle morning cleanser.

Step 2: Moisturize

Quick side-note... Isn't it interesting how fun the word "moisturize" is to say yet, "moist" is so cringe-worthy?

Be very conservative while patting your face dry after cleansing. Honestly, if you can, try to avoid patting it dry. I typically wipe the dribbles off my chin and let my skin soak up that water. I usually brush my teeth while doing squats during this time. Two minutes later, use any moisturizer or beauty oil designed for your skin type to massage into your face. Most moisturizers and oils are highly concentrated so if you feel as if you're needing more or less after the recommended amount, you may need to reevaluate your selection.

Step 3: MoisturEYES

One of the very first areas we show signs of aging are the skin surrounding our eyeballs. Reason being is that the skin is thinner which means it's more sensitive to all the beating you put your skin through on a day to day basis. If you can't invest in a good cleanser or moisturizer right away, INVEST IN AN EYE CREAM!!! Yes, please do this and trust me, you will see results. If you still can't spend the money, use coconut oil at night, not only can you use it as a makeup remover, it is a GREAT way to hydrate.

Now that your skin is prepped to the fullest, check out Part 2 - How To: Achieve Glowing Skin to learn how to finish the look using a tad bit of makeup.

Skincare products I used are:

Cleanser - Young Living Orange Blossom Face Wash

Beauty Oil - BeautyCounter No. 1 Brightening Facial Oil

Eye Cream - BeautyCounter Nourishing Eye Cream

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