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5 IN 5: 5 Essential Makeup Products For A 5 Minute Face

Do you ever get overwhelmed by all the steps it takes to make yourself look presentable? With Spring here and Summer just around the corner, I figured it was time to help you lighten up your makeup routine just as you would your clothes and hair. Here are five staple products you can always depend on to help you spend less time indoors getting ready, and more time soaking up that Vitamin D.

*This is for makeup only. SPF is a must when going out in the sun. Skin prep is essential for best results. Read Part 1 - How To: Achieve Glowing Skin for a skin prep step-by-step.

  • Concealer / BB Cream

  • Bronzer

  • Sheer Pink or Coral Lip Stick

  • Brow Gel, Pencil or Shadow

  • Mascara

Coverage -

When you're trying to get out the door in a flash, skin perfecting can be difficult which is why always having a Concealer or a BB Cream on hand is your best bet for a basic coverage.

For those of you who are blessed with minimal imperfections, concealer is GOLD! Tap concealer under the eyes or on blemishes and blend with fingers. This will allow your prepped skin to maintain its natural glow while offering the desired coverage where needed.

Hyperpigmentation, breakouts, dark circles and other imperfections can leave some of us feeling doubtful of the simple spot covering with concealer. In these cases, choose a BB Cream or tinted moisturizer to blend into full face or on specific areas.

Bronze -

Bronzers are great to add a bit of warmth to the skin and give off a healthy sun-kissed glow. Light-handedly, sweep a matte bronzer using a big fluffy brush over full face for an all over glow or use a contouring or blush brush to focus under cheekbones, jawline, top of forehead into the hairline, across the bridge of the nose, and over eyelids to give a more polished effect.

Color -

Time is of the essence, so products that can multi-task are much appreciated. Lips and cheeks can be taken care of with a simple sheer lip color. I recommend varying shades of pretty pinks, corals, and berries for an out-the-door look. You can dot the color of the cheeks blending up and out toward cheekbone for a youthful color from within. Then wash your lips with the very same color to bring it all together.

Brows -

No matter how simple you want your routine to be, don't ever leave out your brows. Brows shape the face and complete any look, in my opinion. For a quick and easy run-through, sweep with a colored brow gel to set in place and even give a boost of pigment. Opt for a shadow or pencil to fill in sparse areas only for a natural finish.

Lashes -

Grab your favorite mascara and make your eyes pop by running through roots to ends. If you prefer a more natural lash, place mascara wand at the root making a slight zig-zag motion without pulling through; this will give definition at your lash line without looking like you're wearing any mascara at all.

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