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Why You Should Update Your Makeup Routine As You Age

I'm going to be 30 in two weeks and believe it or not, I'm stoked. I love getting older! I understand this isn't the case for most women but for me, each passing year means that I might finally be taken seriously as an adult rather than some cute, 5'0 tall college freshman who hasn't lived... since that's of course how it seems I look at least. So the excitement of a new eye wrinkle is real, y'all.

But with all the wrinkles we happily or reluctantly embrace, comes a battle with our under-eye concealer, translucent powder and everything else in our makeup bag. For some reason, our staple products slowly grow to hate us and we're left facing the world with caked under eyes and flat, dehydrated looking skin. Then we turn to YouTube where we realize that all of our problems can all be solved if we goop on a bottle of Tarte's Shape Tape Concealer but instead we're greeted with defeat.

As we age, we welcome fine lines and thinning skin which is why it's important to continuously refresh the products and techniques we use. Sometimes this can be overwhelming but I have compiled a list of tried and true tips and tricks for you to try out for yourself.

1. Rethink your first step.

Make moisturizing your new first step of your makeup routine. Beauty oil or a simple moisturizer will work but opt for an illuminating moisturizer to add an extra oomph of youthfulness. This one step alone will change the way you look at your skin in a great way.

2. Before you toss everything you own, check your technique.

This can be as simple as exchanging your tool of choice from a foundation brush to a dampened sponge or the soft, warm touch of your fingers. For instance, concealer can be quite the enemy to aging skin so instead of tossing that heavy goop, opt to apply it differently. Use a damp Beautyblender which will allow product to deposit only the amount needed all while offering some hydration. A sheer coverage BUT a more refreshing finish because creasing will be less noticeable.

3. I've said this before and I'll say it again... Less is more!

It's time to allow your skin to breathe. There is no need to empty that tube of concealer on your face! I don't care what your YouTuber of choice says! DO NOT DO IT! Why? If you're reading this, I guarantee you're not 20 years old anymore so trust me, you're only highlighting that area in the most negative way possible. Stick with BB Creams and tinted moisturizers if you can but if you're a full coverage type of gal, opt for a buildable foundation, this way you can add coverage ONLY where needed.

4. Yellow skin equals young skin.

This may sound completely crazy but if you choose foundations with a yellow undertone, you'll be doing yourself a favor. As we age, our skin thins causing it to appear dull and lifeless. A yellow tone can give your face back that warmth it's lacking.

5. Limit your powder use.

Powders tend to cause skin to appear dry and heavy. If you're not prone to excessive oils, try avoiding tinted, heavy powders to set. Replace them with a translucent powder to lightly dust on the oily areas of your face such as your nose, chin and forehead. Another great way to achieve a youthful flush is to use cream blushes or lipsticks to add color to the cheeks rather than powders.

6. You don't want a flat face.

Add dimension by sweeping a cream highlighter over the high planes of your face such as your cheek bones and down the center of your nose. For extra drama, add just a touch to the chin, forehead and cupid's bow. Do not go overboard though... you should be wearing the highlighter, not it wearing you.

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