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When to Trash Your Mascara

Do you have the habit of unintentionally collecting mascara? Well, this morning I came to realize I was not alone. I collect out of pure laziness but after a few short texts with a friend, I was made aware that most of you may not share my reasoning.

So, how do you know when it's time to part ways with a "tub" of mascara? Kidding. She meant "tube", ya'll! Typically, one tube will last you about three months before it gets flaky, clumpy, or develops a gasoline-like smell. Avoid extending the toss-out date even if it appears to be completely fine. A tube of mascara is the ideal environment for bacteria growth... think about it, dark and *cringe* mooiiisssttttttttt. I know, you may be thinking to yourself, "who cares, its my bacteria" but no, bacteria is bacteria and unless you want to rock a Stye, toss it after three months regardless of how it appears.

Pro Tip - store a permanent marker in your makeup bag. Write the opening date on the tube to help yourself remember when to trash it. THREE MONTHS!! Occasionally, the life span of mascara can be shortened to two months or less and it may be ALL YOUR FAULT. If you enjoy repeatedly pumping the brush into the tube before application, you may notice it clumping or flaking soon after opening. Just to clear things up, the clumping is not a result of excess product and the flaking is not because your brand of choice was a waste of money. With each and every pump, you're introducing more air to the product which is causing it to dry out quicker, hence the clumps and flakes. Pro Tip - there's plenty of product in the tube so just open and apply to lashes. If you're unsatisfied with the outcome, dip brush back into the tube only once and reapply a second coat.

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