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THREE reasons why you should NOT hire me as your bridal makeup artist...

I strongly believe there's an artist for everyone and not every artist is fit for each and every bride. Here are some reasons why I believe you should pass on hiring me for your wedding day...

FIRST reason -

Not to be a creep, but I truly want to feel like your friend. Here is why -

A bride's special day typically starts in glam which means the day's mood may be influenced by mimosas and throwback jams BUT I am going to play a part in setting the tone for your day as well. I will be in your face and more thank likely in your friend's and family's face too so beyond skill, we need to vibe, otherwise, it'll be an awkward day! People have described me as a little awkward but that sort of awkward is not the kind I am addressing here...

My personality is marked all over my inquiry process so you know me before you KNOW me. If I am not your cup of tea, there are plenty of other talented artists who may be.

SECOND reason -

Licensed and certified and blah blah blah... I am all the above and I am trained to do all the above BUT in my decade plus working as an artist in this industry, I have perfected my style of artistry.

High glam is STUNNING and I am more than capable of providing these looks for your bridal party if desired but for YOU, bride, hire me for what I am known for - clean and polished glam that will only highlight and elevate your natural features.

I am happy to recommend many talented high glam makeup artists but I am not your girl.

THIRD reason -

My goal as an hair and makeup artist is for you to FEEL your absolute best self. This all starts with your understanding that my skill goes beyond that hair and makeup brush...

I share detailed materials throughout our inquiry and booking process to bring you a breath of fresh air and provide you with the trust and transparency you deserve so that my goal I previously mentioned is met.

I only provide my services for a handful of brides throughout the year so I can follow through with what I promise. Meaning - I am not the artist you book to hope for the best!


If these three reasons reinforce your interest in booking me, please click here and get in touch! I'd love to learn more about how I can be a part of your wedding day!

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