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How does a bride's makeup differ from a wedding guest's makeup?

I'm often asked what the difference between a bride's makeup and a bridal party's makeup application is and my answer is always TIME and DETAIL.

These two things will ensure the bride is the showstopper but they do NOT mean others receiving makeup will have less than perfected looks.


Believe it or not, skin prep is the most important step in creating RLVbeauty's stunning makeup looks and because of this, time may be affected!

Everyone will receive customized skin prep which will also aid in the longevity of the makeup.

HOWEVER - a bride typically receives a little more pampering in this department because it's their special day and they should feel as such AND they are going to be the highlight in almost every photo so a little extra love will help them feel the most confident when front and center!


Many people are turning to lash extensions these days but RLVbeauty believes in a good false lash application to maximize those poppin' eyes for those who have not! Strips are a great way to add shape, volume, and length to any eye look but individual lashes are a much more natural looking way to achieve the same result. Due the the precise attention to detail required in applying individual lashes, these are only offered to our brides.

Bride's also tend to have a more customized lip color that features more steps to ensure it'll last through that first kiss at the alter and throughout the night. Referring back to the skin prep step - every client will still experience pillowy lips throughout their day/night so don't even stress the possibility of desert dry lips before the ceremony is even complete.

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