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Engaged - Now Book Your Hair and Makeup Artist

I'm sure you keep hearing every wedding vendor shout from the rooftops - "ENGAGEMENT SEASON IS HERE!" and I'll say it again for those who have yet to hear - it's here and it's a real thing.

This is the busiest time of year for inquiries and bookings for the following year and I've noticed a trend in brides waiting to book hair and makeup at the very last minute - let's chat about that!

Hair and makeup is a luxury service and no matter the cost of your artist or team we are more then likely bringing the convenience of a salon to you. The trend of reserving hair and makeup has evolved in many ways over the past decade - one of which is the increasing demand.

That said, if you know hair and makeup is a must have for your wedding day, I encourage you to book this service around the same time as you would your venue and photographer. We can easily arrange our day to fit their schedules so your day runs smoothly and we can be excited to share we are available for your date when you inquire!

A great way to get to know your artist leading up to your wedding day is of course, the bridal preview, and the emails, and phone calls, but another way is by booking them for your engagement shoot!

We offer a couple packages which include your engagement shoot at RLVbeauty. It's such a fun way to really connect with you and understand your hair and makeup visions.

Here's a bride I had the pleasure of working with this fall. She booked my services six months prior in the spring which gave us enough time to provide our services for her engagement photos, bridal preview, and wedding day. Many other brides like to book with up to a year in advance which is even more convenient for planning purposes!

Scroll down to see her engagement session (makeup only), bridal preview session (hair and makeup), and her wedding day look (hair and makeup) come fully together!

Photographer - Mandy Hart Photo

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