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Behind The Brand: BeautyCounter

Almost two years ago, BeautyCounter was brought to my attention by a dear friend. Initially, I was turned off before doing any sort of research or hearing her out. I assumed it was just another pyramid scheme to earn that pink Cadillac but then I listened. Like I said, this wasn't just anyone telling me about this great new company... she was my dear friend who is incredibly successful and takes her time researching before jumping head first into something. Once she began educating me on the brand, I was hooked. She flew out to LA where I was living at the time and I accompanied her to one of their conventions.

Empowerment. Passion. Hope. Purpose. Strength. Change.

The women "behind the counter" had those words running through my mind after listening to their stories of why their mission was so important to them. From there, I started trying out their products. Typically, you purchase through a consultant on their website... just as you would at any other cosmetic counter except the website poses as a Macy's, for example. However, my first purchased BeautyCounter product happened while I was browsing the aisles of Target, The Balancing Charcoal Mask. This mask, used on myself as well as my husband, lessened the appearance of pores, smoothed our skin tone, and gave us hydration while fighting away excess oil. Now I was sold on the company not only because of my knowledge of their movement but their quality products and that they occasionally team up with brands such as Target, J.crew, and Goop to spread the word of safer beauty.

Behind the Mission - "Get safe products into the hands of everyone"

BeautyCounter has banned more than 1,500 ingredients from their products and they're not stopping there. They're taking this to Congress in hopes of setting new regulations in place. The last time Congress has created a law to help regulate the beauty industry was in 1938... that was 80 years ago! What is even more mind-blowing is that Europe has banned 1,400 ingredients that can presently be found in your daily beauty regime. Get with the times, America. If you want to help the process, urge Congress here.

The "Never List" and Product Performance

Seems as if every product and every food has the word "organic" listed on the label these days. Unfortunately, it's becoming more of a sales point than it is the truth. This brand, however, doesn't claim to be organic and perfect BUT they do have safer products that exclude ingredients such as Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been linked to causing birth defects, and Formaldehyde, which has been linked to an increase of asthma. These ingredients are listed on their "Never List" and you can trust their labels every time.

How can a product excluding 1,500 ingredients have the same performance as any other successfully sold at Sephora? Possibly because they serve no purpose. You will receive beneficial results and a flawless finish just as you would with any other skincare or cosmetic line. Christy Coleman is the Head of Creative Design at BeautyCounter. She has worked on the beautiful faces of Amanda Peet, Emmy Rossum, and Connie Britton. Performance testing is important while developing products to sustain the lights of photo shoots and film sets, as well as, for the everyday woman which is why you can trust these products will serve their purpose well.

Join The Movement

After dipping my toes in the water, I finally joined the movement and believe it's the best decision I have ever made. As a certified makeup artist, it is important for me to know the products I'm using on my clients and I am proud to know that I can feel confident with each and every use. If BeautyCounter speaks to you in the same way it did me, feel free to learn more about the brand and possibly become a consultant here. If you're interested in trying out the brand which offers everything from skincare, makeup, hair and body care for everyone in your family, click here.

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